Adult Books, Articles, and Short Stories

“Growing up in Grangeville, Idaho,” published in the anthology Coal Oil Lamps and Cattle in the Crops, A Living History of Northern and Mountain West Idaho, Hometown Memories, Hickory, North Carolina, 2013. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“A Texas Dynasty: the King Ranch,” accepted by Wild West Magazine for publication in fall 2013. [Pat Decker Nipper]

Short story “Who'd Ever Suspect?” won first place in the Center for Writing Excellence mystery-writing contest, September 2012. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“The Commitment,” finalist in Scribes Valley Publishing Short Story Contest, October 2010; story published in anthology, Visiting Elsewhere, 2011 [Pat Decker Nipper]

“Indian Sign Language and the Corps of Discovery,” published in the August 2009 issue of the Roundup Magazine. See web site for film showing Indian sign language. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“Wells Fargo’s Treasure Box Was Full of California Gold,” published in the April 2009 issue of Wild West magazine. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“Coffee Kings of the Old West,” published in the December issue of Wild West magazine, 2008. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“I’m Afeared,” selected in 2007 for an upcoming book of short stories titled Potpourri, to be published by FictionWorks. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“Pioneers & Settlers,” written with Bill Markley, published in Wild West magazine, April 2007. [Pat Decker Nipper]

"Corrida de Toros," written with Bill Markley and published in True West magazine, January/February 2007. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“Lewis and Clark Carried More than a Compass," published in the February 2007 issue of Roundup Magazine. [Pat Decker Nipper]

"The Idaho Gold Dust Murders," in The Way West:  True Stories of the American Frontier, edited by James A. Crutchfield and published by Tom Doherty Associates, New York, May 2005.  [Pat Decker Nipper]

"Intimacy on the Trail," Collector’s Edition, Lewis & Clark, from the Editors of American History and Wild West magazine, 2005. [Pat Decker Nipper]

Profile of "Roland Cheek," Roundup Magazine, published April 2005, Volume XII, Number 4. [Pat Decker Nipper]

Profile of "Ella Marie Hayes," Roundup Magazine, published April 2004, Volume XI, Number 4. [Pat Decker Nipper]

Love on the Lewis and Clark Trail, Syringa Books, June 2004. [Pat Decker Nipper]

“Who Really Killed President Lincoln?” part of an anthology titled Black Hats, edited by Robert Randisi. Published in April 2003. [Pat Decker Kines]

“Commitment to Honor, An Account of a Few Good Indian Agents,” Roundup Magazine, published in February 2003, Volume X, Number 3. {Pat Decker Kines]

A Life Within a Life, the Story and Adventures of Libbie Custer, published by Kroshka Books, a division of Nova Science, New York. ISBN 1-56072-475-7. November 1998. [Pat Kines]

“The Vanishing Lookout Tower,” Landscape magazine, Vol. 32, No. 1, 1979. [Pat Decker Kines]

Children and Young Adult Stories and Books

“The Distribution List,” ‘Teen Magazine, March 1997 [Patsy Sierra]

The Lady who Saw the Good Side of Everything, Seabury Press, illustrated by Paul Galdone, 1975. This book was in print until 1985. [Pat Decker Tapio]

“Mumpsy’s Bad Day,” Ranger Rick’s Nature Magazine, March 1977 [Pat Decker Tapio]

“Worm Wins a Prize,” Trails, July-August 1975 [Pat Decker Tapio]

“Defense of Hill Castle,” Ranger Rick’s Nature Magazine, October 1975 [Pat Decker Tapio]

“We Love You, Lady Fireman,” Wee Wisdom magazine, February 1974 [Patricia Tapio]

“Zelda and the Magic Kite,” Highlights for Children magazine, April 1974 [Pat Decker Tapio]

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